12-year-old JSS1 girl wows professors, gains admission into Nigerian university

12-year-old JSS1 girl wows professors, gains admission into Nigerian university
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An exceptionally brilliant 12-year-old girl has gained admission into the university even before completing her post-primary school studies.

The 12-year-old, Miss Jessica Okonye, has been offered admission into the Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN), Delta State as an auditor student.

The JSS1 girl’s intelligence and brilliance captured the hearts of professors at the university, and they rewarded her with admission.

Retired American university Don, Professor John Alizor, discovered Jessica Okonye and became her mentor.

Jessica Okonye mesmerised the retired Professor when they met at a shop where she was an intern. He took interest in her and gave her series of academic assignments, which led to the ‘auditorship admission.’

Before her admission, the administration of the Admiralty university found Jessica’s academic abilities satisfactory after engaging her in an interactive session.

Jessica says she enjoys studying and teaching her classmates and aspires to help solve the problems of electricity supplies and eradicate corruption in Nigerian society.

Jessica in a group photograph with her mentor, stakeholders, and professors at Admiralty university
Jessica in a group photograph with her mentor, senior officers, and professors at Admiralty university

In a statement on the school’s Facebook page, the Vice Chancellor acknowledged that Jessica is a brilliant child and that ADUN can admit her into the school as an auditor. Still, he stated that further checks would be conducted to ascertain Jessica’s ability to cope with the rigours of a university degree, having not completed her secondary education.

He explained that an auditor, in this case, is a person “admitted” to participate in university lectures without necessarily aiming to receive certificate awards.

Jessica would get full admission if she passes this stage, making her the first 12-year-old to be fully admitted into a Nigerian university.

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