“I Pray It Doesn’t Take My Life”: Jay Boogie Alerts Nigerians, Says No One Is Donating Money to Him

“I Pray It Doesn’t Take My Life”: Jay Boogie Alerts Nigerians, Says No One Is Donating Money to Him
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Popular Nigerian transgender Daniel Anthony Nsikan, best known as Jay Boogie, has continued to seek the help of his countrymen after a failed botched surgery left him sick. reported that the transgender went online a few days ago to call out the surgeon who bungled his bum-lift operation.

He revealed the state of his health since the unsuccessful surgery and has been pleading for assistance.

A Namibian-based doctor alleged that Jay has been unable to pass out urine since the unfortunate encounter.

In a new update, Boogie went on Instagram Live and discussed the difficulties he’s been having and blamed the surgeon for the decline in his health and professional prospects that followed the operation.

Jay, however, stated that all his life savings have been lavished on diapers.

Watch him speak below

Nigerians react to Jay Boogie’s outcry captured the actions below


“The problem with most people is, they’ll choose to comfort people with lies in form of admiration than tell them the truth, go to Jay’s page and see people calling him sxy, go girl, you ate, beautiful and so on, instead of warning him to desist from such lifestyle. Now, his life is in danger and you lots are praying for God to save him, someone you all applauded when he was going astray, now his life is at stake. God made you a man and you referred to yourself as a woman.

“trapped in a man’s body, I pray those emulating you learn from this, I pray you desist from this madness and return back to your original gender when you get a second chance.”


“Where are the LGBTQ ⚧️ this is the time to help your kind.”


“Nigeria is hard enough. If you make a decision, be ready to face the good and bad that comes out of it. I pray you get better. God heal you. People have things to do with their money.”


“I really feel sorry for him, I pray and hope God forgive him and give him a second chance.”


“In as much as my human feelings no go gree me speak cold heartedly but I will say sth. Sheybi u feel say u sabi pass God wey create u. Now u don use ur hand kote nsogbu, may God forgive u nd grant u.”

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