“Imagine Say Your Mother-in-Law Enter”: Lady Turns Husband Into Eating Table During Pregnancy

"Imagine Say Your Mother-in-Law Enter": Lady Turns Husband Into Eating Table During Pregnancy
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A funny video captured the moment a Nigerian woman who was pregnant with her first child pulled a clever prank on her husband.

She convinced him to lie down on the floor like a horse and put some delicious food on his back.

She then pretended that her unborn baby had a craving for the food and started munching on it from her husband’s back.

The poor husband, who wanted to please his wife and his baby, complied with her strange request and remained still on the floor, not knowing that it was all a joke. about her love life

Watch the video below:


Honestly pregnancy is so sweet😂 i lie with everything 😊#viral #otweytwey #everythingoncolos #chinoalert

♬ Alert – Paulachino compiled some of the reactions below:

Gifity reacted:

“Otweytwey,belle wey we dey hide till we give birth e reach ur turn yhu carry am come TikTok weldon.”


“Imagine say your mother-in-law enter.”


“Weldone oo dey show shege….but remember the pikin go called dada before mama.”


“I miss my pregnancy 2 days and Anti natal money.”


“God provide husband first . I get many things for head to spice up the marriage.”

Ola porch:

“Me still dey enjoy oo because pampars is now 20k, paracetamol is 4k and the likes abeg make I no too drop update.”

Sweeties Ozil:

“This ur own belle they different from our own ooo.”


“Na to get vasectomy remain o.”


“Nah because you no date Ibadan guys oo.”


“The pikin dey show you shege! Make him too see yo nana! Everybody dey collect shege.”


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