Kind Lady Who Saw That Her Primary School Needs A New Look, Helps Repaint It, Shares Beautiful Photos

Kind Lady Who Saw That Her Primary School Needs A New Look, Helps Repaint It, Shares Beautiful Photos
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Akosua Saffy a kind Ghanaian educator has garnered attention after she gave her alma mater a new look with the help of a few other kind persons. Akosua Saffy, a Ghanaian educator at the Oppongkrom MA Primary School in the West Akim District in the Eastern Region, has led an initiative to give the school a facelift.

In an interview with, she disclosed that she gained the attention of a group of friends who have chosen to remain anonymous after she posted images accentuating the school’s need for renovation.

”They got to know about this painting renovation after chancing on one of my posts on Twitter. They then followed directives to make their enquires on how to paint the classrooms and give the school a facelift.”

”I spearheaded the whole process. To get to my headmaster to get his approval before the [painting],” she told reporters.

Saffy added that her group of friends painted the school from kindergarten to class six and promised to return to do more renovations. ”They paid for the painters and bought the items for the job. They did a collection after consulting the headmaster for the budget needed to complete the painting,” she said.

‘My classroom looks spotless and more suitable for learning than it used to. To everyone that came through, no amount of thank you can ever be enough for the joy you’ve placed in my heart, the community, teachers, and students are so grateful,” she tweeted in a subsequent post.

Aside from the recent renovation, Saffy has embarked on other charity projects to make life easy for the pupils. ”Last term, two organizations visited us to donate stationary and made the kids happy on “OUR DAY” with items such as books, pencils, wall clock, sanitary pads, and a whole lot were given to aid in teaching and learning,” she said.

Saffy said she believes that every child has the right to quality education; thus, their environment and location should never be a barrier to this goal. ‘This only makes me feel a step closer to reaching this goal. This has made the school a better place for teaching and learning. An impact is only made when these kids become who they dream to be one day,” she said.

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