Lady shows off cute baby boy she adopted at the hospital after baby’s mum left

Lady shows off cute baby boy she adopted at the hospital after baby’s mum left
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A kind-hearted lady has narrated how she became a proud mother of a little boy she recently adopted. 

Identified as @barbiiii3 on TikTok, the lady revealed that the baby’s mother had abandoned him at the hospital two days after delivery and disappeared without a trace.

Barbiiii3 and her family decided to adopt the child, and after completing the process, they took the little one home.

Sharing sweet photos and videos of the baby on TikTok, barbiiii3 said:

“God sent my family a gift. His mum left him in the hospital 2 days after giving birth. So we adopted him and made him part of our family. This is not to attack the biological mother or pass any judgment on her. She left the baby at the hospital so she knew she was not mentally prepared to take care of her child. She left him in a safe environment and kudos to her for doing that.”

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God sent my family a gift 🎁 🥺❤️ #HausLabsFoundation #fyp

♬ a thousand years (lullaby) – christina perri


Netizens, in reaction, were surprisingly supportive of the mother, with @lexthegodddd saying, “As crazy as it sounds, his mom did the right thing. She left him where he could be safe & find a wonderful family! God bless him.”

@pamstillhasit also added, “His momma must have loved him. She wanted the best for him. Sometimes love is letting go.”

Barbiiii3 was also adulated for her kind nature, as @carmenortiz3831 said, “He is so cute! God chose you to be his momma. Thank you for finding room for him in your beautiful heart. That is all that matters.”

Hilarious moment nursing mother caught her husband eating daughter’s baby food goes viral

In related news, a nursing mother who wondered why her baby was always hungry found her answer after catching her husband feeding on her daughter’s baby food.

She captured the moment as proof in a recording when her husband who was tasked with the responsibility of feeding the baby was seen eating her food.

He was seen in the video carrying the baby in one hand while he used the other to feed her.

Each time he scooped the food to feed her, he took a share and in some cases would completely swallow a spoonful without offering the baby any part.

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