Meet The Tanzanian Fisherman Who Saved 24 People From a Crash-Land Plane

Meet The Tanzanian Fisherman Who Saved 24 People From a Crash-Land Plane
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Tanzanian Fisherman, Jackson Majaliwa broke into a plane that crash-landed as the first responder to the plane crash and helped rescue 24 people stuck inside. The Precision Air Plane crash-landed in a nearby lake due to bad weather.
The incidents left 19 people dead the captain and first officer are among the 19 people who died.
Her Excellency President Suluhu has hired him in the Fire and Rescue Brigade and additional rescue operations training to sharpen his skills and awarded him Tsh1 million ($428).The Kagera Regional Commissioner, Albert Chalamila, handed over the cash to the fisherman from the lakeside town of Bukoba on Monday.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa issued the directives when he attended the ceremony to hand over the victims’ bodies to their families at Kaitaba stadium in Bukoba, where mourners paid emotional tributes.

In an interview with the BBC from his hospital bed, the fisherman said he had panicked as he saw the plane approach from the wrong direction before plunging into the lake.

He rushed to the scene with three fellow fishermen and helped open the rear door by smashing it with a rowing bar which helped passengers seated towards the rear of the plane to be rescued.

Mr. Majaliwa said he then moved to the front and dived into the water. He said one of the pilots made signs through the cockpit window, directing him to smash it.

He says he emerged from the water and inquired from the airport security, who had arrived if they had any tools to smash the screen.

“They gave me an axe, but I was stopped by a man with a public announcement speaker from going down and smashing the screen. He said they were already in communication with the pilots, and there was no water leakage in the cockpit,” Mr. Majaliwa told the BBC.

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