Nigerian-American boy Rotimi Kukoyi gets accepted into more than 15 top universities

Nigerian-American boy Rotimi Kukoyi gets accepted into more than 15 top universities
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A young Nigerian-American boy residing in Alabama, USA, has recorded an impressive feat, gaining admission into 15 of the top US schools.

The boy, Rotimi Kukoyi, received scholarship offers of about two million dollars (approximately more than 800 million naira).

The teenager, whose father is an immigrant, chose to further his studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after having the privilege of choosing between some of the best US schools such as Harvard, Yale, Standford, and John Hopkins University.

According to the Nigerian-American, he wants to pursue a career in Public Health, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “my dream is to bring about change at both small-scale and large-scale levels.”

Speaking to ABC News, Kukoyi said, “COVID really sparked (my interest in public health) because that was the first time that I really saw how clear the health inequities were,”

African Americans had a much higher chance of dying from COVID than white Americans … it was almost like two separate pandemics were impacting our nation, and we saw (some people) marginalized and impacted way more.

“I want my legacy to be one that’s focused on impacting other people. I suppose a lot of people in the pursuit of their own goals can kind of forget what it’s all about.

When his story was reposted on Instagram, below were some of the reactions

@hannah.kurczeski: Rotimi i am SO PROUD of you❤️ you have no idea

@ruthie.arom: Congrats bro🇳🇬🤍 and every word that you wrote describes everything perfectly. I truly hope America can tackle this and heal.

@carlosdeltoro27: Valedictorian brothers🦾🖤

@judyyynguyen: congratulations on everything, rotimi 💜 you are so deserving

In related news on education, Ashley Adirika, a Nigerian American has shown academic excellence by being accepted into all eight Ivy League schools in the United States.

Ivy League schools are a group of universities in the USA with a reputation for high scholastic achievement and social prestige.

CNN reports that Ashley, who had applied to all the universities, was surprised to discover she got acceptance letters from all the top schools.

The 17-year-old was accepted into Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale, all at the same time.

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