Nigerian man invents stove that cooks without gas or kerosene, only requires water (Video)

Nigerian man invents stove that cooks without gas or kerosene, only requires water (Video)
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A Nigerian technician has invented a cooking stove that doesn’t run on gas or kerosene but water.

The 67-year-old man demonstrated how the appliance works in a video uploaded on YouTube by PR Nigeria.

The unique stove uses a combination of water and air pressure to produce fire.

The amazing invention would help many families, especially in the wake of the soaring cost of kerosene and cooking gas.

However, the inventor of the electronic, Hadi Usman, seeks support from relevant institutions (both government and private) to help mass produce the innovation and help him get a patent for his work.

He said,

“I wish relevant institutions and bodies can support towards patenting the project for mass production to at least help the without buying kerosene or gas to cook their food by using water.”

The Gombe State-born inventor told PR Nigeria that his innovation was conceived because he wants to subsidise the cost of gas and kerosene.

This is not the first time the Nigerian technician has come up with something novel, as he had previously assembled a radio transmitter and operated a community radio station in 1980.

Young African Engineer Builds Power Bank For Laptops, Phones, And 24/7 Light

Meanwhile, an innovative African man, Robert Nsoh, built a power bank capable of simultaneously charging a laptop and many other gadgets.

Robert Nsoh, a Ghanaian engineer, who achieved the breakthrough innovation, said the power bank could charge a laptop to full capacity a minimum of four times.

The innovative power bank branded EcoMini+ can provide 24-hour electricity supply and comes with a DC-3 V slot where electric bulbs can be plugged in, and it also comes with an input port where a solar panel can be plugged in.

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