“Omo Ti Eya Ba Bi”–Ibrahim Chatter 7years Old Son Ahmad Stir Massive Reaction As He Was Seen Ridding Ridding Horse (Watch Video)

Ibrahim Chatter chatter has shared massive reaction online after sharing a video of his son Ahmad Iretunde Chatta was seen ridding horse.

Ahmad was still a little boy around 6 to 7 years old and he his already riding a horse despite his age.

Ibrahim Chatter reveal that it’s better to catch and teach them young so that they can become an expert.

It is better to catch them young
Ahmad Iretunde Chatta❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Omo Olubisi, Omo Alaro l’o l’esin

See social media reaction below;

Alaga_igbeyawoaladun wrote: This boy is brave …..common beach horse ride i embrass myself

Bernie_bliss0 wrote: @ibrahimchatta_lordthespis sir can you dash me a horse 🐎 I’ll be grateful i really love to get one ☝️ 😢your family won’t see you and cry this year 👏

Cherish_bite wrote: Giants don’t birth dwarfs. Omo ti ekun ba bi ekun ni o ma jo. You are blessed my sweet boy. I soak you inside the Blood of Jesus. You SHALL fulfill destiny in Jesus name … Amen!!!

Bologii wrote: Wow he really tried 👏👏👏 I can’t wait to race with you one day bro 🙌🙌

Shabby_parfaits wrote:I’d be glad to send some of our fruit drinks to the film village 😍

Bidex_______ Wrote: @ibrahimchatta_lordthespis Love the fact that you ensured he had an helmet on regardless of whatever skills he had learnt safety is always important. Kindly ensure others had theirs on as well. SAFETY FIRST
May Almighty Allah protect us all. Beautiful resort😍

Alhaja_customier wrote: Omo ajanaku kan kiyaran Omo teya babi eya nijo karee omo olubisi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Watch The Video Below;


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