Pursue your dream job: Pretty female mechanic tells Nigerian ladies

Pursue your dream job: Pretty female mechanic tells Nigerian ladies
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A pretty female mechanic has urged Nigerian ladies to ignore what people say and rather pursue their dream job.

The young lady, identified as Jhoy Justine, a mechanic, hails from Obot Akara Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State but has her workshop in Calabar, Cross-River state.

In an exclusive interview with, Jhoy opens up on how automotive engineering has always been her dream job right from an early age.

She said, “Automotive Engineering has always been my dream job and passion from an early age. I chose this job because it’s something I love with full uncontrollable passion. Better put, this job is my passion, pride and life!”

Asked how long she’s been on the job, Jhoy said she’s spent about a year on the job and that she started with learning Mercedes Benz, but she’s switched to Japanese cars.

Jhoy also speaks highly of her boss, Mr Obinna Emmanuel and called him a good and caring man. “The name of my Boss is Mr Obinna Emmanuel, and I want to thank him for being a good and caring Boss ever,” she said.

The 22-year-old mentioned a lack of tools for general and specific jobs as the main challenge she’s facing on her job. According to her, this makes some jobs she could easily do become a bit tedious.

She said, “The basic and most important challenge is a lack of tools for general and specific jobs. This has made even little jobs I would have delivered with ease become so big and stressful for me as a girl.”

Jhoy revealed that she’s in a relationship and that her boyfriend is very proud of her and supports her even though she’s a mechanic.

“Yes, I’m in a relationship. My boyfriend is my mentor, my special adviser, and my counsellor. He’s my all-in-one and my number-one fan and cheerleader. He is so proud of me anywhere and has given me his support and massive publicity,” she said.

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1 How Do You Handle Male Clients Who Want To Date You?
2 What Are Your Plans For The Future?
3 Is There Anything You Need Help With?
4 Advice To Young Ladies Out There

How Do You Handle Male Clients Who Want To Date You?

The Akwa-Ibom-born auto mechanic said she’s fully focused on her job and always makes male admirers know this about her.

She said, “I just focus on my job and also let them know that if I were to do hook-up, sell my body or depend on any man for my needs and wants, then I wouldn’t be wearing this dirty coverall, going under cars and being covered in grease and dirt.”

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

Jhoy Justine said she plans to finish learning this job and get her certificate. She then plans to further her education at the University and obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

She has it in mind also to own a standard workshop where your girls and boys who are willing to be Mechanics can be empowered.

Is There Anything You Need Help With?

“Yes, I need help from the public. I need tools box to enable me to do my job efficiently and with less stress. Sometimes, people call me for outside work, but I can’t go because I don’t have the necessary tools.

I need coveralls and safety gear to protect myself from bodily harm and injury. Above all, I need money, plenty of money, to be able to actualise the vision I have. I need money to buy foreign equipment and machines to detect and fix car faults.

Most importantly, I need a SCHOLARSHIP to further my education to be the best. I want Nigerians and foreigners (locally and in diaspora) to come and give me massive support and patronage.”

Advice To Young Ladies Out There

“I want to use this medium to advise our young girls to follow their hearts and pursue their dream jobs and not listen to people saying, “It’s a man’s job.” What a man can do, a woman can, even better!”

You can reach Miss Jhoy Justine via her Twitter and Facebook handles.

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