Shade Okoya Discusses 25 Years of Marriage to Billionaire Despite 38 Year Age Difference

Shade Okoya Discusses 25 Years of Marriage to Billionaire Despite 38 Year Age Difference
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Shade Okoya and billionaire industrialist Razaq Okoya wedded when she was reportedly 21, and he was 59. Now, they’re celebrating 25 years of marriage and talking about their over two decades of love in a new interview with This Day Style. Here’s what Shade had to say about their huge age-gap relationship, and lessons she’s learned from being married to him.

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Speaking about what she believes has been the staying power for their marriage all these years, Shade Okoya said:

SHADE OKOYA: I give all the glory to Allah the Almighty for the grace to be married to my husband, and I’ve committed my marriage from the very beginning to His will. With God as the foundation, it has been good. The importance of compromise and, above all, patience cannot be understated; every single day, patience must be put into practice. My husband has a broad range of experience, and in respect to this, I have learned not to be in a hurry to respond during any disagreements we have; rather, I listen carefully to be sure I properly understand his point. This way, I find myself learning from him while recognising my own mistakes. A strong determination to succeed in my marriage has always been a priority for me, and patience and humility have seen me through to date. I see my husband not just as my lover but as a friend and role model. I believe his love for me and his protection of me have also really helped our marriage.

Speaking about marrying him when he was in his 50s to huge criticism, and explaining what still endears her to him, she said:

SHADE OKOYA: I have always loved the fact that he is a very intentional, tena- cious, mature, and generous man. Up until now, everyone who knows my husband has said these qualities are true about him, and they are still very much there. This is one of the major things I have loved and still love about him. He has also always been very caring and hardworking, always finding things to do to keep himself occupied.

Speaking about what she thinks is the foundation of a good marriage and her advice for those who want to get married, she said:

SHADE OKOYA: I don’t believe there is a particular formula for a successful marriage. It takes two hands to clap, so two people love each other enough to come together as husband and wife. I know love, trust, and respect are incredibly important as the foundation for any strong marriage. But in my case, I believe, apart from that, I have been able to add not just value to my husband but to the marriage by giving my very best. Being married to a man like him, I need God’s wisdom every day to hold the house and business together firmly.

Put God first in everything you do. Learn to pray together, because a couple that prays together stays together. They must be good friends and be able to sustain their marriage by enjoying being in each other’s company and loving each other sincerely. Consider- ing that I married a much older man, I have had to remember to be respectful and loyal at all times without obviously losing my identity. I have to make sure he is assured that I am fully committed to him the way he is committed to me.

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