“This is so touching” – Comedian Trinity Guy meets a graduate who picks rotting iron on the street, gives him a better life (Video)

“This is so touching” – Comedian Trinity Guy meets a graduate who picks rotting iron on the street, gives him a better life (Video)
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Famous Nigerian comedian Trinity Guy in a latest video shared online stirred overwhelming reactions among netizens following his recent kind gesture at a Nigerian graduate who is wallowing in poverty.

In the video spotted on the verified Instagram page of Trinity Guy today, January 28th 2024, the comedian was left in speechless after stepping out of his house only to find a man picking condemned iron on the street.

As the video proceeds, Trinity Guy decides to engage the man and ends up finding out that he is a graduate of Architecture from a Nigerian tertiary institution.

When Trinity Guy asked him if he was okay as a person, the man quickly responded eloquently as he disclosed that he was okay while adding that he was a graduate and his condition led him to pick rotting iron on the street.

The man added that he has no parents any longer, and his wife who has a child with him left him because of his poverty condition.

In his conversation with comedian Trinity Guy, the guy noted that he ain’t doing work alone noting that he is being assisted by his elder brother who helps him to sell it.

He added that they made around N500 to N1000 naira daily while narrating how difficult life is for him.

Following this, comedian Trinity who clearly understands the whole story extends his kind gesture to the Nigerian graduate picking condemned irons on the street.

Showing the philanthropism embedded in him, Trinity Guy takes him to a barber to get his hairdone, gets him new clothes and takes him to a restaurant where he gets him food.

He also gifts the Nigerian graduate and his brother the sum of N50K and they were emotional as they received the money.

Sharing the video, Trinity Guy wrote; “This is hertbroken 💔💔💔💔 💔💔and i cred so hard because how a graduate will be picking condemned iron on the street.

Please watch till the end 🙏🙏🙏 Click on my bio to watch full video on my YouTube channel or search (IAMTRINITYGUY) on YouTube Please the guy really need help Please let’s support this guy because I can’t do it alone please lets donate to this account ABDULAHI MARUFF ADISA 0126867809 gtb to change his life 🙏🙏 or DM me.”

Watch the video below;

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