Why I Won’t Reach Out to Father Who Disowned Me – Hilda Baci

Why I Won't Reach Out to Father Who Disowned Me - Hilda Baci
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Earlier this week, I posted about Hilda Baci revealing that she was disowned by her dad over the phone. In that story, she said about it:

I pretty much still remember the conversation where I was calling my dad cuz I think it was matriculation and I was calling my dad like “you will not bring food for me this matric?” and then his response to me is “who is your dad?” So, that was when it dawned on me that my parents were having issues, and I just remember going on from that time, and as time went on, it just started to dawn on me that this man is serious oh, this is not a joke.

Since that news story broke, a number of people online have been asking Hilda to forgive and try and rekindle things with her father. However, Hilda Baci has no intention of reaching out to her father, and she is explaining why. Here’s what Hilda Baci said.

Speaking about why she has no intention of reaching out to her father who disowned her, Hilda Baci said:

HILDA BACI: In my opinion, I kinda feel like what my dad was hoping for was that in this period, we were going to come forth and maybe find him. But again, the way he had gone about it at the time, he was very mean about it. And then, even after that, I feel like when you’ve been – cuz I don’t have it in me to be mean – but in an event that I am, I would think about it and be like “oh just cuz I was mean, even if I had a point, maybe I should reach out to this person”, which is why I’m not so quick to speak down on people or talk bad to people, just cuz I remember how it feels. So I don’t want to be the reason why anybody has trauma. So I’m very careful, even with my staff, I’m very careful. So for me, I just felt like after that, I just felt like you know, time has passed, don’t you miss me? So I started telling myself that I need to make it, that if I make it hard enough, if I blow well enough, this man would come around. Did they come around?

What do you think of what Hilda Baci said, and do you think that she needs to reach out to her father and rekindle their relationship? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment either below


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