Young Nigerian Lady Whose Leg Was Amputated Graduates With Two University Degrees

Young Nigerian Lady Whose Leg Was Amputated Graduates With Two University Degrees
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A Nigerian lady Doris Samuel Akonanya has set the records straight after she bagged two degrees from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) Awka. Anambra State Nigeria.

Doris Samuel, a lover of dance has an ambition to become an actress. One night, her father had a bad dream of an accident, He.quickly woke up his wife and the children and they prayed against the dream. Not quite long after this, Doris was involved in an accident and one of her leg was amputated.
She thought her dream of becoming an actress was over, until she came across an inspirational story of Nick Vujicic, which inspired and motivated her to chase after her dreams once again EVEN WITH ONE LEG!
In her post on Facebook she highlighted a detailed explanation of how her dreams always shattered due to her her condition.
“So finally, am a graduate. My story my experience. So 7 years ago all I heard was a dream to study theatre arts and become a film maker, all I ever wanted was to become an actress not minding my condition. No one was really in support of my choice of career because they felt I have one leg so I can’t make it…minding the kind of person I am,I love doing those things people think I can’t do.
I got admission to study theatre arts diploma for 2years before direct entry into 200L. Getting to the department a lot of people were looking at me like I was confused about the course I choose to study. Some said “what is she doing in this department? Is she okay at all, studying theatre arts with one leg, she no ask questions before she come? How can she dance and act with one leg..and so many more. I cried in my room and told myself that my family could not stop me from studying theatre arts talk more of strangers.
I encouraged myself and I was determine to never give up. Everyone was surprise to see me dance and act with just a leg…I never looked down on myself. Was able to finish my diploma degree and admission to direct entry was delayed for one year before some of us got accepted to direct entry 200L getting to 300L things got hard to the point that I almost dropped out of school but God saw me through, getting to final year in school corona came with another extra year of staying at home. My story my experience is so long but in all I give God the glory…I AM A GRADUATE 🎓 Signing out of UniZik today with 2 degrees. THAT AMPUTEE ACTRESS is now a graduate. 7yrs. Lord am grateful 🙌😢🎓 #graduation #amputee #mamaimadeit #unizik #whatgodcannotdodoesnotexist🙏💯
Doris’ story is one that is exceptional and so inspiring for people who are able differently not give up but rather keep pushing till happen for them.

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