Man Uses Sticks to Build a Car and Attaches Engine, Video Shows Him Driving it (Video)

Man Uses Sticks to Build a Car and Attaches Engine, Video Shows Him Driving it (Video)
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Instagram users are reacting to the video of a man who built a ‘stick car’ and attached an engine to it.

In the video seen on the Instagram handle of BCR Worldwide, the young man mounted the car and kick-started it.

While it is not clear how long it took him to put the sticks together to make the car, some people have hailed the man for his efforts.

Video of a car built with sticks

Others however say they do not find the man’s car to be good at all as it does not show creativity.

Nevertheless, the man rode the car in public to the admiration of many people who gathered to take a look at it.

The video showed him kick-starting it like a motorcycle before riding away to the admiration of the crowd. The video of the four-wheeled ‘stick car’ has attracted many comments.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from Instagram users

@donrabtob said:

“Man, this is innovative. Beat Lagos traffic.”

@poolerena commented:

“Well, hey, this is how cars get started anyway. And for the record, a car is really a horse and carriage.”

@corneliusogunsalu said:

“Yet, there are people applauding nonsense. This is supposed to be an elementary school science project that kids can put together with the right materials.”

@ddansinzu reacted:

“Them go still collect am for bolt.”

@oluboriofficial said:

“E no mean say he no go pay agbero for ticket money.”

19-year-old boy builds a car

Meanwhile, Jetmis reported that a Nigerian boy built a ‘G-Wagon’ car.

After the video of the car was posted on TikTok, it went viral and attracted the attention of many people.

The boy later met with popular comedian Mama Uka who took a ride in the car.


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