Meet Talented Nigerian man who built a moving wheelbarrow with fuel tank and engine

Meet Talented Nigerian man who built a moving wheelbarrow with fuel tank and engine
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A Nigerian man who loves engineering has received plenty of plaudits for his innovation with a wheelbarrow.

The young man produced a motorised wheelbarrow with an engine and a fuel tank fitted.

In a TikTok video shared by @graphicsengineering, the young man was seen showcasing his innovation as he rode it along the street of his workshop.

The new innovation does not require too much physical strength to operate as the wheelbarrow has support where the driver can put his legs while the engine powers the wheelbarrow.

The man has also been updating progress on the innovation, and some pictures show that the wheelbarrow has 3 tyres instead of one.

However, the innovation which was a work in progress a few weeks back has finally been presented at the faculty of engineering in one of Nigeria’s higher institutions.

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Many netizens have commended him for his innovation and given him some suggestions on how to improve upon it; someone suggested that he makes the wheelbarrow battery-powered instead of using fuel.


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Nigerian Man Invents Stove That Cooks Without Gas Or Kerosene, Only Requires Water

Meanwhile, a Nigerian technician has invented a cooking stove that doesn’t run on gas or kerosene but on water.

The 67-year-old man demonstrated how the appliance works in a video uploaded on YouTube by PR Nigeria.

The unique stove uses a combination of water and air pressure to produce fire, and the amazing invention would help many families, especially in the wake of the soaring cost of kerosene and cooking gas.

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