Top 10 best companies to work in Nigeria (Details)

Top 10 best companies to work in Nigeria (Details)
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If you are looking for companies to work in Nigeria, there are a few that have been tested and proven to be the best companies to work in Nigeria.

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1 Top 10 best companies to work in Nigeria

1.1 Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc
1.2 Shell Nigeria
1.3 Guinness Nigeria PLC
1.4 GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria PLC
1.5 Nestle Nigeria
1.6 Chevron
1.7 Dangote
1.8 NNPC
1.9 MTN Telecommunication Multinational
1.10 Andela
1.11 Unilever Nigeria

Top 10 best companies to work in Nigeria

Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc

Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc logo

This bank has branches all over Nigeria. For fresh graduates who want to join their team, GTCO provides graduate internship opportunities.

In contrast to other banks, it understands how to care for its employees.

Shell Nigeria

Shell logo

Shell Oil and Gas Multinational is one of the best employers in Nigeria. It is also among the best-paying businesses in Nigeria.

The multinational energy and petroleum business has operated in Nigeria since 1937. It is active in the exploration and production of oil and gas both onshore and offshore.

In Nigeria, saying “my uncle works in Shell” is similar to saying you are related to the King of England; for some reason, everyone seems to have a relative in Shell. The company employs about 10,000 Nigerians.

Guinness Nigeria PLC

Guinness Nigeria PLC logo

Guinness Nigeria is a member of Diageo, a well-known market leader in the production and distribution of premium drinks.

The company offers a very exciting and stimulating work environment for its employees with good options for self-fulfilment and personal development.

GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria PLC

GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria PLC logo

GlaxoSmithKline is a manufacturing and distribution company dealing drugs and related items. GSK has employees in over 100 countries in the world. They employ international standards in employer welfare and remuneration.

Nestle Nigeria

Nestle logo

Nestlé Nigeria is one of the biggest players in the food manufacturing sector.

It was included in the Top African Companies list published by African Business magazine in 2019.

For more than 57 years, Nestlé has delighted Nigerian consumers with premium, nutrient-rich food products. The company has over 2,300 direct employees, three manufacturing facilities, eight branch offices, and a head office in Lagos. It produces and markets several well-known brands, including Maggi, Milo, Golden Morn, Nescafé, and Nestlé Pure Life.

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Chevron logo

This is yet another esteemed organization. Chevron is the biggest investor in the oil sector. The company provides a variety of openings in Lagos and abroad, depending on the job requirements.

Chevron seeks experts in exploration, production, blending, manufacturing, and marketing. The company offers internship programmes to help students and recent graduates develop the skills needed for employment.


Dangote logo

Dangote is another large corporation with its corporate headquarters in Lagos. This corporation works in several different sectors, such as the production of petrochemicals, food and drink products, including spaghetti and salt, real estate, telecommunications, fertilizer, steel, and other things. Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, owns the company.

The organization hires specialists with various degrees and knowledge due to its diverse sectors. Dangote Cement is the biggest and most well-known in the nation. It is also among the best businesses in Nigeria to work for.


NNPC logo

The Nigerian government participates in the oil business through this corporation. Since its founding 43 years ago, it has hired roughly 1,000 graduates annually.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was established on April 1st, 1977. The Corporation was given authority and operational interests in refining, petrochemicals, product transportation, and marketing in addition to exploration.

In addition to constructing refineries in Warri, Kaduna, and Port Harcourt between 1978 and 1989, NNPC also acquired the 35,000-barrel Shell Refinery in Port Harcourt, which had been operational since 1965.

MTN Telecommunication Multinational

MTN logo

MTN, a worldwide telecommunications firm based in South Africa, operates in over 20 nations.

The organization offers extensive training programs for graduates that include a blended learning environment and the development of knowledge in telephone networks and communication.

Before submitting your application, you must register on the website and upload your résumé.


Andela logo

Andela, a software development outsourcing company,  finds and trains software developers. It has been helping information technology companies in Nigeria since 2014 with difficulties relating to a lack of qualified workers.

For those wishing to establish a lucrative career in the IT sector in Nigeria, Andela is the ideal place to work.

Unilever Nigeria

Unilever logo

This Lagos-based public corporation creates consumer items. There are open roles in customer service, management, engineering, marketing, and accounting.

They are the designers of the well-known math set, used in Nigerian primary, secondary, and tertiary learning institutions.

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